Purple Off-Color  is a variation of the Purple M Rain fabric that does have foam applied to it and has two shades of the medium purple shade instead of dark, medium and light (seen in pictures)


Purple Color is a variant of the Purple M Rain that has only 2 of the 3 colors for the M Rain colors. It uses the medium purple color twice, instead of also utilizing a darker purple color


Purple Lines is a variant of the Purple M Rain that has some thread artifacts visible across the width of the material, though it does feature the correct 3 colors

Quantities are sold by the yard x 49"
1 yard = 1 yard x 50"
3 yards = 3 yards x 50"


Quantities are sold by .91 meter x 125cm
1 yard = .91 meters x 125cm
3 yards = 2.7 meters x 125cm


Ships from the US and arrives to most locations within 5-6 days after the order is placed!

Off-Color Purple M Rain

$85.00 Regular Price
$51.00Sale Price

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