Please note, this is a pre-order for a second production run of M Texture

Due to high demand I have decided to produce more of the coveted "M Texture" material. Production of the material will begin early first quarter 2020, and ship late first quarter.

This is quite possibly the last of this material that will be made available - so if you've been waiting or putting off ordering, now is the time!


Reproduction of E46 M3 and E39 M5 "M Texture" fabric
This fabric is extremely high quality meeting all ISO safety and quality standards for UV resistance, fire protection and more


It includes the perforated square Alcantara layer adhered over the top backing fabric and a foam layer underneath, just like OE


A faithful reproduction of the original E46 M3 and E39 M5 "M Texture" material ( E46 M3 F2AT and E39 M5 F2 interiors BMW part number 51922698028 )

Quantities are sold by the yard x 50"
1 yard = 1 yard x 50"
3 yards = 3 yards x 50"


Quantities are sold by .91 meter x 125cm
1 yard = .91 meters x 125cm
3 yards = 2.7 meters x 125cm


Ships from the US!

M Texture Pre-Order


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